Prime Minister

The unnamed Prime Minister of the Earth Parliament is about as slack as a politician can get, meaning that he's an utterly familiar character no matter what country you live in. With the future of the earth entrusted to robot-manned farms on colony worlds, the Prime Minister is free to indulge his time betting on horse and dog races or playing golf. He conveniently blames all of earth's maladies on Harlock, but as he fears the pirate, the Prime Minister is rather content to let him be, despite Commander Kiruta's insistence that Harlock must be taken out of the picture. When Kiruta realizes the error of his ways, his boss will hear none of it, eventually branding Kiruta as a traitor. Even after repelling the Mazone invasion, Harlock is still declared unwelcome on earth by its slack-ass ruler, until a last-minute spoilsport attack threatens his own life. He offers the crew their rights to citizenship in return for their help, but the pirates want nothing to do with his society, electing to build their own after the last Mazone attack is put down. The Prime Minister appears again in the Endless Odyssey mini-series, still as ineffectual a leader as he ever was. No longer a resident of earth, he lives in luxury on the space station Panopticon and barely blinks when his planet appears to be destroyed by the Fata Morgana's Density Serial Cannon, hoping that if he simply ignores the impending threat, it will pass him by. As before, he survives the incident without ever getting his comeuppance. (Source: )