Prince Cayenne


Cayenne is a prince candidate who is surrounded in mystery. When Momona first met him, he reminds her of her older cousin during his wedding back on Earth. Lillian somehow had a secret relationship with him which he tries to deny. She later revealed to Momona that Cayenne is her older brother. However, it is later revealed that Joker altred Cayenne's memories and made him think that Lillian is his younger sister as she used to be Diana's doll. Cayenne is a handsome young man who carries his role respectfully. Despite trying to be a respectful prince, he often teases others and tries challenging their own beliefs of reaching their goals. He can sometimes be cold, but his intentions are always kind. Cayenne has tousled navy blue hair. He is often seen in a white dress shirt covered by what looks like a red hoodie that is covered by again with a black, grey, and white blazer. the blazer has golden buttons. He wears brownish dress pants and brown loafers. (Source: Jewelpet Wikia)