Princess Camille

Also Known As:

  • Princess

Usually she is simply called the Princess. Camille is around the age of ten. She was lonely, being an only child and her father always gone on business, thus one of the main reasons Nemo is brought to Slumberland is to be a companion for her. After a few bumpy starts, Nemo and she become friends. She detests Flip and his constant cigar smoking (and decrees that he is never to smoke another in her presence). In spite of his frequent absence, she dearly loves her father and commissions Flip (at Nemo's advice) to take them to Nightmareland, after King Morpheus is kidnapped by the Nightmare King. Flip refuses at first until he discovers that his only alternative is to be shot out of a cannon into space. At the film's end the Princess shares a kiss with Nemo before he wakes up.