Princess Pride


Also Known As:

  • Poipu

Princess Pride from Creamland, is visiting Japan for the unveiling of a new program devised to battle viruses. However, suddenly Pride has gone missing! Little do the people of Japan know, Pride has disguised herself and has taken a new name, "Poipu". As chance may have it, she meets up with Netto and he becomes her tour guide to show her around the area. The two quickly become good friends, and remain so to this day. Princess Pride is the operator of Knightman, who is also harboring the new anti-virus program. Pride is an excellant net battler, and wishes to return to Japan one day to battle once again. Princess Pride returns in later seasons with an all new more casual outfit. Also, while she seems to be extremely affectionate with Netto, she more often can be found with Laika later in the series. Her country of Creamland shares a border with Laika's home country of Sharo, and together they run a Dimensional Area Research Facility right inbetween their territories. It's not rare to see Pride make the usually very serious Laika, blush. During the series of Stream, Princess Pride becomes marked by the "Crest of Duo". Thus, she joins Netto, Laika, and the others on a quest to stop Duo from destroying the Earth. She is accepted into the "Cross Fusion Team", where she along with 12 others, use the powers of Cross Fusion with their navis to stop all evil.