プロイセン, ギルベルト・バイルシュミット, 俺様

Also Known As:

  • Gilbert Beilschmidt
  • Ore-sama

Nation's name: Kingdom of Prussia (Königreich Preußen) Capital: Köningsberg Language: German Birthday: January 18 National flower: Cornflower Human name: Gilbert Beilschmidt Height: 177 cm (5'9") Age: 20 (appearance) A now non-existent country that was dissolved by the Allies in 1947. He was born to fight, fight, fight, and avoided marriages at all costs. His hair is platinum blonde with deep violet-red eyes to match, but in early artwork, his hair was colored dark blonde and his eyes were blue. In the past, he picked on Hungary, whom he thought to be male because of her burly personality and appearance as a child. Eventually, the two found out that Hungary was actually female, and since then, their relationship has been somewhat awkward, and because of their competitive childhood (and the fact that they still hold grudges against each other for all of the things that they did to torture each other in the past), they don't really get along. However, Hungary did mention once that she'd be very lonely if anything ever happened to Prussia. In response, Prussia often shows dismay and somberness whenever he spots Hungary and Austria spending time together. Prussia's younger brother and drinking buddy is Germany, whom he affectionately calls "West." After he was dissolved, Prussia moved into Germany's house and has lived there ever since. You can usually find Germany cleaning and organizing their home, stumbling over and complaining about all of the "weird" décor and other things that Prussia buys. The two seem to butt heads every now and then, but overall, they get along pretty well and Prussia appears to be an affectionate (but terribly irresponsible) big bro. It seems as though he also has a lot of love for Italy. He once took several snapshots of him (and one with Romano in it) when he went to Italy's house for dinner, proceeding to post them on his blog. Also, he affectionately calls Italy, "Italy-chan." For several reasons, Prussia hates Russia. At one time, he was completely terrified by him, but currently, he's not as afraid. This was said to be because Germany is now a very strong and stable country that Russia won't be able to breach anytime soon, which, when reflecting upon this, was mentioned to make Prussia very proud of his little brother. Although he was generally pretty close with his leaders, no other has ever come as close as Frederich II was with him, whom he calls "Old Man Fritz." Although he passed away a long time ago, Prussia hopes that Old Man Fritz is watching him from heaven and is proud of everything that he's done since his death. As far as his personality goes, he's extremely loyal, and will do anything to become stronger. However, he's quite arrogant, thinking that he's better and more "awesome" than anyone else. Germany once said that Prussia has practically no common sense, but really, he has the diligence of a tough soldier; his bad manners kind of cover that up, though. Prussia's left-handed, and according to his profile on his blog, his blood type is most likely A. He's been shown to own a little yellow bird, which often sits on his head or shoulder. Prussia was not aware of this bird's existence until a "fan" of his blog "sent him an email" about it. The bird hasn't been officially named yet by Hidekaz Himaruya, but it's often called "Gilbird" among fans. He refers to himself as "Ore-sama" ("Ore" in Japanese is the male diminutive of "I," but is considered more "manly" but improper when compared to its "more-polite" counterpart, "boku," which also means "I" in the masculine tense. "Sama" is an honorific used when referring to someone of higher status than the speaker). Another (fanmade) nickname of his is "Gilbo." Although not canon, it is a popular moniker among fans. His human surname was once rendered as "Weillschmidt" for some time among fans. However, since it does not exist as an actual German surname, "Beilschmidt" seems to be a more proper translation.