Also Known As:

  • King of Elves
  • Youseiou

The last legendary king of the Elves and friend to Arawn. Once stood in faith in believe of their creators in heaven, but have to fight against them for the survival of the Elves. After receiving the revelation and understanding of Myrddin's love for the race on earth and knowing that the self-righteous 11 White Angels will continue to purge their wrath against every living things on earth. He stood up and walk the Road of the Kings whom he led every living creatures on earth to battle against the host of heaven. They finally archived total victory at the Castle of Avalon, where Arawn play as a bait to drawn the entire army of heaven at. Pwyll had the entire host of heaven surrounded and destroyed with a price of lives given and Arawn, who enter into a deep sleep due to the grieve injury he suffered in the battle. It is known that Pwyll married a human girl, most likely, Primula. Also, it is hinted that Arthur, his descendant, might be his reincarnation too [Source: Wikipedia]