A navibot that was part of the Nirvana as far back as the colonization era. After being overloaded with an intense electric shock, Pyoro becomes self-aware, spontaneously saying his own name quite often, even when he's not in conversation. He's often seen around either Hibiki or Parfet with the latter using him as a conduit to the Piksis. Pyoro's emotions appear to reflect the state of the ship, acting sick whenever there is something wrong with the Nirvana.

When Ezra is discovered to be pregnant, Pyoro becomes overly curious about babies and how humans are born. When Ezra's baby is born, Pyoro takes on the role of nanny and is determined to have everyone call her Pyoro2, despite the fact that Ezra already named her Calua. During the Nirvana's second battle with a harvester mothership, Pyoro becomes the core of Super Vandred or "Vanfread Pyoro".


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