Pyrus Dragonoid


Also Known As:

  • Drago

Drago (original version: Nova Dragon) is Dan Kuso's Guardian Bakugan and the Bakugan main protagonist of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers anime series. He serves as both a battle partner, a guardian, and source of wisdom. Although he is impatient and is a pacifist, he wants to help Dan protect Earth and Vestroia. He is the direct descendant of the original Dragonoid, one of the two first Bakugan ever created. He is one of the most powerful species living in Vestroia, able to infinitely evolve on his own. In battle, his power is to radiate intense heat from his body, dissolving everything around him. In Vestroia, it has been mentioned that Drago used to be very ferocious, but being with Dan has calmed his temper. He is still very impatient and hot-tempered; he oftentimes becomes annoyed with Dan, although they always make up. At first, he was generally hostile towards Dan, refusing to take orders from a human. Over the course of the first season, he and Dan gradually built up their friendship and by the season's end, the two had became close friends. Shun notes that after having spent so much time with Dan, he has picked up some of Dan's behavior, such as directly attacking the opponent rather than taking a more stealthy approach. Drago's personality resembles that of an honorable knight; he has a strong sense of justice, never allows anyone to get away with their evil deeds, is fully commited to the greater good, and holds high regard for honor and justice. He has, on more than one occasion, been willing to sacrifice his own life to save the lives of others, or for the greater good. He also is shown to be rather fearless, rarely being afraid in the face of danger and rarely shows any distress or panic in any situation. While he is willing to fight to protect the innocent and for sport, he usually dislikes fighting on the spur of the moment and when it is for someone's own selfish or evil intentions, which he regards as meaningless. Wavern and Drago are in love and have been seeing each other since they met, and he promises to allow her to visit the other world, a wish he eventually grants. Wavern also has a tendency to call Drago by the pet name of "Dragoruny" (or Drago-kun in Japanese). Despite her death in the first season, Drago continues to love her. Drago has deep hatred for people who are driven by their lust for power, such as Reaper, Naga/Silent Naga, Dharak/Phantom Dharak/Razenoid/Evolved Razenoid, Viper Helios/Cyborg Helios/Helios MK2, Hydranoid/Dual Hydranoid/Alpha Hydranoid and the Nonets (especially Betadron), which caused them to go insane. He befriended Hydranoid, Helios and Betadron (with Worton) after they joined the Battle Brawlers. (Source: Wikia)