Qi Bai


Also Known As:

  • Haku Ki

Haku Ki was the leader of the Six Great Generals of Qin. 19 years before the story, his forces defeated Zhao troops at Chouhei and he ordered the 400,000 captives to be buried alive in a barren wasteland. Ren Pa mentions that Haku Ki claimed his own life, for reasons not yet revealed. According to Ren Pa, Haku Ki was a man that avoided taking risks and fought in a counter offense manner against skilled generals. In order to make this possible, he seemed to have the intuition to avoid traps and schemes set up on the battlefield by his enemies. Always letting himself be chased, he caused enemy generals to become worked up, allowing him to relaxingly evade them and pull back to a mountain fortess which was constructed prior to battle. STATS: Strength Unknown Leadership Unknown Knowledge Unknown (Source: Kingdom Wikia)