Qian De Li

李 謙德

Li Jian-Qiang's younger twin brother. Qian De became a "shadow" for Li Jian-Qiang and took over duties as head of the Zheng Dao Hui while his elder brother spent time with his family. It seems with the exception of Li Jian-Qiang's aide, Chief Chén, no one else in the organization knew that there were 2 "Master Li"s. Qian De was responsible for getting his brother and his future wife, Lin Xiang Ping, together and even managed to convince his brother to have a child and not neglect his family. As Ryo notes later, if not for Qian De's intervention, Xiang-Ying would never have come into being. Ryo was also good friends with Qian De, and they would hang out together drinking whenever Qian De was in Japan (Ryo even claims he learned all his bad habits from Qian De, though it could be the other way round). Ryo's history with the Li's even went further back, when Li Jian-Qiang hired him to rescue his brother from the jungles of Cambodia 22 years before Qian De's death. (Source: Wikipedia)