Quadra Nacintosh


Quadra Nacintosh 9000, is the oldest of the three sisters-Nacintosh. During their performances they will change the appearance of the virtual environment, such that apples will appear everywhere (which is not hard to guess in conjunction with the name which computer company is parodied here). She looks down with contempt on the Japanese bio-computer, which in their opinion had neither style nor class. She may be arrogant, but also quite naive and stupid, but is still considered a well-developed model. Sometimes she babbles namely going on without thinking, so that her younger sister Centris prefers to sink with shame in the ground. Quadra tends to create very melodramatic scenes, such as she is so touched that she has to stop to dry her tears - she holds the exuberant pathos way for a characteristic of Japanese culture and also has some other very stereotypical ideas relating to it. Her fighting skills are highly developed, at least in regards to her level, but there are times where she has trouble controlling her power, which again and again almost hits her sister, who can barely dodge. Her special pride is its two giant 1,000 terabytes storage banks in their breasts, which they can easily accommodate the entire data set of Japanese bio-computer, because that is the stated goal of Nacintoshs: The acquisition of the Japanese electronics market, the dominance of U.S. to expand in the world.