Quess Paraya


Also Known As:

  • Quess Air

Quess is selfish, stubborn, emotionally sensitive, sociopathic, intelligent, manipulative charmer, naive, and love obsessed. Quess was born as a latent newtype and its because of her unique brain and mind that defines the latter of her personality. When she wants to have something, she'll demand for it and believe it's rightfully hers even if she can't have it. Even though there are people around her to remind her about manners and respect, she doesn't listen well and people tend to tolerate her or excuse her due to the fact she's still a developing teen. She fell madly in love with Amuro Ray and often shows her affection to him. She's self-aware of her own beauty and tries to manipulate people by her charms, however she easily gets upset when they don't work. It's because of her natural charm with people that she also received the unrequited affection of Hathaway Noa. Because she's still young, she only cares about things relevant to herself. When she was taken in by Char to train her as a MS pilot, she was completely enthralled by Char and ironically manipulated herself to aid the Zeonic movement. Because her allegiance is only to herself, she has no real loyalties towards the Earth Federation. However, Quess isn't without complete conscience. She's shown to care about the well-being of others, but she's often emotionally overwhelmed by her own feelings and quick to act upon them without proper wisdom nor guidance. Quess was a latent newtype. After her abilities were fully awakened, it's shown that her abilities were greater than that of Char Aznable. She's also highly intelligent as she mastered the use of MS funnel control and piloting a mobile armor. A severe drawback on her abilities was that they manifested too early and she had trouble wielding her own natural talents. (Source: Gundam Wikia)