He was an agent of Section 2, and Claes's handler and a former member of the Carabinieri. After forced retirement due to a leg injury, Captain Raballo was approached by Jean, who offered Raballo a chance to join Section 2 as a handler for a child assassin. In turn, Raballo would be able to return to the Military Police within three years. During his period with Section 2, Raballo spent a great deal of time with Claes outside the SWA, showing her a normal life, especially fishing. He also taught Claes the value of patience and encouraged her prior love of reading. Ultimately, however, he was unable to deal with what had been done to the girls of the SWA and of what was expected of him and Claes as a fratello, so Raballo left. Due to the strong bond developed between a girl and her handler, this act made Claes useless as an assassin, since it was effectively impossible to assign a new handler once a fratello have bonded.