Also Known As:

  • Rat Bastard

Age: 35 yrs
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: Feb 19
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 97 kg

Rabat did not come from a world of separated men and women. He is not a regular on the show, but makes a few appearances here and there. He charms the women and beats the crap out of Hibiki trying to give him a lesson. You never know what side he is on. He tends to work for the highest bidder. (http://rogueandflexei.com:8900/smile/)
It is revealed that he works for Earth, selling them information on rebellious planets in exchange for his own safety, but switches sides when he sees that the multi-planetary force Hibiki assembles has a fighting chance against Earth. Years before he meets Hibiki, Rabat (whose name was Adams then) crashes on a planet of telepathic native Americans, where they teach him about their legends, which is why he recognized Vandread Dita as the "Blue Cachina".


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