A freelancer for the Daily Days information center. As the daughter of a train engineer, who was driven to ruin after being unjustly blamed for a horrific train accident, Rachel loves trains but is bitter towards the train industry. As such, she frequently travels by train, but never pays her fare. In 1931, Rachel boards the Flying Pussyfoot as a stowaway in order to get to the Daily News Headquarter in New York. She is seated in the Dinning Room car when the Lumeres men, Bicky, and Nick simultaneously attempt to take over the car. In midst of the confusion, Rachel sneaks through a window and seeks refuge under the cars. Initially, Rachel is an observer while events unfold aboard the Flying Pussyfoot. She gets a first-hand view of the Rail Tracer as he kills some of the terrorists, and Czeslaw Meyer. On one occasion she is spotted by the Rail Tracer as she clings to the train's undercarriage. He scurries towards Rachel and whispers in her ear, prompting her to scream and retreat from him. Eventually, Rachel takes on a more active role as she helps Nice Holystone, Nick, Natalie and Mary Berriam escape from the Lumeres. After the events aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, Rachel checks into the Daily News office where she reports everything she witnessed on the train to the Chief and Nicholas. After she does this, the chief comments on how uncharacteristic it was of her to help the passengers. Rachel explains her actions by stating she did not want to see anymore bloodshed. When Rachel explains to the chief that she believes the Rail Tracer to be a conductor, she has a flashback to the words he had uttered to her ear, which indicated that he knew she had been a stowaway. In-turn, the Chief reveals to both her and Nicholas that the Rail Tracer is in fact Claire Stanfield (aka. Vino),] an assassin for the Gandor family who kills with his own sense of justice. Rachel becomes bewildered at these words as she saw him kill the young boy, Czeslaw Meyer. In order for her to find the answer to the Rail Tracer's actions, the Chief sends her out into the city where she runs into Czeslaw and Ennis. Czeslaw then tells Rachel all about the Immortals.