Raidiese F. Branstein


Also Known As:

  • Rai

Origin: Shin-Super Robot Taisen Age: 19 SRX-team member, ranking 2nd Lt. (å°�å°‰). Pilot of R-2 (Powered), Real Personal Trooper Type-2 Younger son of Maier von Branstein and brother to Elzam. Rai didn't follow a military career in the ranks of the Colony Corps as he broke away from his noble family early and left their home of colony Elpis. He adopted the name of Fujiwara from his late sister-in-law Kathreia, who he held in high regards, as he blamed her husband for her death during the terrorist encounter known as " the Elpis-incident". Still being a highly skilled pilot he shifted to Earth Alliance as test pilot for the RTX-007 Hückebein. A catastrophic malfunction of its black hole-engine left him heavily wounded, the reason he is hiding his crippled left hand under a glove. A calm and collected person with great pride from the start, this past forged him a slightly sinister character with lacking humor, resulting in the early quarrels between him and Ryu after being assigned to SRX-team thanks to Irm's recommendation. Though just being a year older Rai always criticized and lectured him in an arrogant manner as he saw his team mate just as an inexperienced robot maniac-child without any sense of tactics and only limited pilot skills, but later acknowledges him due to his improvements as a comrade and also kind of rival. He feels a bit uncomfortable about the admiration 7 years younger princess Shine holds for him, as he became her "prince on his white horse", but indeed cares for her. Still he has to solve his issues with his brother as well as his cousin Leona as she tried to mediate between both. Being the only SRX-pilot without any T-LINK abilities Rai is in charge of the Tronium-engine of the machine. (Source: PS2 "Super Robot Taisen Original Generations" & "Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden" character libraries)