Also Known As:

  • Laine

The youngest of the eight princesses of Valhalla, she is basically a ditz and a terrible driver (Though she might be better than Hydra and Valkyrie, as she has yet to total her spaceship). Unlike the other princesses, Raine constantly crashes her UFO, which is a compact, two-parter. She originally came to Earth to seek out Valkyrie due to her intense affection for her, but later develops romantic feelings toward Kazuto. She has the ability to transform her outward appearance into anyone she chooses. However, whatever appearance she takes, she will always have an antenna sticking out of her head, as well as her obvious feminine features, even when imitating a man. Pulling that antenna will immediately change her back. Her disguises aren't perfect, and anyone can figure her out by looking for the antenna, though her perverted personality and large curves usually give her away before that. During the 3rd Season, she takes a trip back in time to her academy days and corrects a mistake in her past. Occasionally, her past selves visit her in the present time, though why they haven't created any time paradoxes is anyone's guess. (Source: Wikipedia)