Race: Human Status: Alive Hair: Light brown Eyes: Brown Hometown: Doga (Lautrec) Occupation: Swordsman Affiliations: Claymore (Ally)∕Seven Ghost (Ally) Generation: Clare ~ Clarice Know relatives: Zaki (Brother, deceased); Clare (Lover); Priscilla (Friend); Isley (Sword Master, deceased) Manga Debut: Chapter 1 Anime Debut: Episode 1 Living in his peaceful village like any ordinary boy, Raki's life is changed forever when most of his family is killed by a Yoma. When the "Claymore" Clare arrives in Raki's town to kill the Yoma, it turns out the Yoma camouflaged itself as Raki's older brother after killing the other family members. After killing the Yoma and saving Raki, Clare leaves the town. However, the superstitious villagers throws Raki out, fearing that he might turn into a Yoma himself after being so close to one. Raki follows Clare, and is eventually allowed to accompany her as her cook. But the true hardships have not yet begun for Clare and Raki... He begins learning swordsmanship under Isley of the north to become strong enough to help Clare, and is shown traveling with a regressed, child-like Priscilla. Raki is shown wearing armor and wielding a two-handed sword. Raki's dialogue reveals that he now knows Priscilla's true nature. Raki also mentions that Priscilla's small frame is probably due to the fact that she has not eaten any human flesh for a few years, although she is probably "at her limit". He says that, should she submit to her hunger, he will attempt to stop her but acknowledges that he will probably fail and be eaten. Later on he is impaled through the shoulder by an iron rod contaminated with tissue from an awakened being. Though he is the only survivor out of the entire village where it occurred, an infection has started to spread through his body, threatening to change him into a yoma. From sheer willpower, he manages to keep a slight grip on his humanity and keep the infection from spreading.The Claymore organization later takes him back to their headquarters to analyze what is happening to him.