Also Known As:

  • Kingyo no Ran

* Age: 15 (First Season), 16 (Second Season) * Birthday: March 9 * Western Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ran is a calm and caring girl, though she fears water from her time as a goldfish. Her hairstyle represents a fish's fins. While Goro was on vacation the air circulation pump stopped and Ran was unable to get enough oxygen and so she drowned, because of this she is afraid of water, gaining Hydrophobia; a fear of water. Her name means orchid. Throughout the anime, she gains the most screen time and is used in advertising the show more than the other angels. In fact, the series opens with her death as a goldfish and not the other angels' deaths as pets. She also is romantically in love with Goro. Also, throughout the anime it's noticed that in cases involving Goro's heart, she often gets very sensitive. Tsubasa also notes and comments upon the fact that Ran's feelings surpass her own, and vows to bring Ran and Goro together. Ran is one of the first 3 angels that appeared in the series. She is in the Senior rank. Her color image is pink. (Source: Wikipedia)