Rapier Sarris


Rapier is a woman knight and a servant of Mill's uncle and aunt. For most of her life, Rapier tried to convince others (And herself) that she was not a woman. Her father wanted a son so badly that when Rapier was born, he started telling her she was a man and cut her hair very short. It was only when the king accidentally walked in on her she was discovered to be a woman. It is hinted that Rapier showed intimate feelings for the king, going into deep remorse when the king was killed during a raid from Jaina. However, it is very likely Rapier is attracted to Man Maze, mentioning she would let him make a move on her after the Creator was finally defeated. It is also shown in the final episode credits Man Maze holding a partially undressed Rapier. Rapier is a master of the sword, able to cut down smaller Demi Armor with relative ease. (Source: Wikipedia)