An ethnic Arab with a considerable amount of knowledge of "beans". As Spike is searching for answers regarding Vincent Volaju and the virus outbreak, he comes to Rasheed who seems to know a lot about beans and shares his knowledge with Spike at a bean shop. Spike makes it clear that his only interest is in the terrorist attack by Vincent and his method. Spike then follows Rasheed to a remote store and gives him a vase that is "perfect for him". He then disappears, leaving a slightly confused Spike. Later in the film it's revealed that he's really Dr. Mendelo Al Hedia, former professor of SIT, and pioneer of nanomachine technology. He developed the nano-machinery that was used as a virus for the military and vaccinated Vincent in attempt to keep it under control. He then apparently escaped from the medical facility and took refuge in Mars' Moroccan street, assuming a new identity. He provides Spike with a sample of the nano-machine virus in an attempt to atone for his creating it. In a later scene on the Moroccan street steps, after revealing to Spike the nature of the nanomachine virus and the vaccine given to Vincent, armed soldiers show up and Rasheed takes off, followed by the sounds of gunfire. His fate is unclear, though a scene plays during the credits of the movie that shows him to be alive and well on Moroccan street. (Source: Cowboy Bebop Wikia, edited)