Rayet Areash


Age: 16 (18 in 2nd cour) Height: 158 cm Birthday: August 24 Sign: Virgo Rayet is from Mars. She infiltrates Japan with her father and comrades to carry out the assassination of the princess of Vers to put the blame on Earthlings. These adults, however, are murdered by Trillram as he ties up loose ends, leaving Rayet an orphan. Rayet seems to be a cold, apathetic and calm individual. She doesn't show many emotions, especially after the death of her father and his comrades; before being heavily emotionally scarred, she was originally a cheerful girl that loved her father. Rayet strongly desires revenge against the Martians who betrayed and killed her father and his comrades. She does not understand how Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia can get along with Terrans despite being a Martian. Rayet has also called all Martians her enemies.