Rea Sanka

散華 礼弥

Age: 15 years old Height: 161 cm (5'3") School: Sanka Girls' High School Class: First Year Student Rea is the heroine of the story who steals and drinks some of the zombie potion made by Chihiro in an attempt to commit suicide because of the sheltered life she lives. She fails in the attempt but she resurrects as zombie when she accidentally falls of a cliff and dies. As a zombie, she lives together with Chihiro in order to know how it feels to become free from her father's chains. Rea is friendly with everyone at the shrine, including Darin despite her intentions to use Rea as a research subject. She calls Mero by Mero-Chan similar to that of Mero's mother which causes Mero great discomfort at first. Similarly, she calls Darin with the -Chan suffix to Darin's discontent. She likes Chihiro and feels like she is bothering or interrupting Chihiro and Ranko's relationship. She seems to understand B�bu. She's also physically strong as her body is no longer restrained by her brain as a result of her death. Rea is revealed to be a new, special case of zombification similar to that of Furuya's mother. Instead of losing her humanity, her love for things turns into lust which leads to the state of "Eater Confusion". After Rea attempts to eat Furuya out of lust at festival, she runs away and is tracked down at the abandoned hotel where Furuya finds her two days later. She attempts to seal herself away in the well but Furuya drags her out, and she once again attempts to eat him due to the Eater Confusion status. After taking heavy blood loss from the wound he received from Rea, Furuya confesses to Rea which returns her humanity in time for her to protect him from the collapsing roof. After these events both feel more awkward around each other, with Rea having difficulty just looking Furuya in the eyes; blushing every time she sees him.