Rebecca Anderson


Also Known As:

  • Becky

A 13-year-old Earthling who studies at Japan's International School, and also a friend of Cinque's. She has a busybody attitude, and is the one who understands Cinque the best. She goes to Cinque's house every morning to wake him up for school. Loves fashion, games, manga, and fantasy-themed novels. She was looking forward to a promise that she made with Cinque, that "her family (she and her mother) and Cinque's family (Cinque and his parents) would go flower viewing during the last three days of Spring Break". She loves Cinque. In S2 despite her lack of athletic abilities she was chosen by princess Couvert to serve as a heroine under her, in the same fashion as Cinque is chosen as Millhiore's. Her large experience in FPS games makes her perfect as wizard-type hero.