Regalyan D'Marcall


Also Known As:

  • Galyan

Regalyan D'Marcall, also known as Galyan, is a Circle mage. Galyan is serves at the White Spire circle of Orlais. Specializing in healing magic, he is a humorous gentleman with a sharp mind.

He is one of Seeker Byron's confidants. He agrees to meet with Byron to collect Avexis and return her to the Circle of Magi. However, when he arrives, he finds Byron dead and is taken prisoner alongside Cassandra. After their escape and discovery of Frenic and Knight-Commander Martel working together, they return to the White Spire.

Galyan sends a message to the First Enchanter using a dove just before he and Cassandra find the High Seeker Aldren. The High Seeker is murdered by Martel, and Galyan and Cassandra are blamed. Just as they are about to be executed Circle mages Galyan contacted attack the Templars and free them. After Cassandra kills Martel, Galyan and the Circle mages help her defeat Frenic, who has turned into a pride demon. Galyan awakens Avexis to have her summon a dragon to help defeat Frenic.

Galyan is promoted to the rank of Enchanter, calling Cassandra as one of the bravest and most beautiful women he has ever met, before they are honored together by the Divine.


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