Also Known As:

  • Karura-Oh Reiga
  • Karura-Oh Leiga

Karura-Oh Reiga is the Hachibushu who returns Shurato to Vishnu and teaches him a lot about Tenkuukai, and the last to join Shurato's group of "good" Hachibushu. Extremely intelligent, Reiga is skilled in the manipulation of Sohma and knows much of the geography of Tenkuukai and the lore surrounding the Devas and Asura. He is depicted as very effeminate, and possibly a transvestite or homosexual, although this is never stated. Reiga at first appears as a very lazy and laid-back individual, unwilling to get involved with troublesome affairs and generally not very well-liked by some of the other Hachibushu, who are more devout and diligent. However, this demeanor belies an intelligent and serious mind, and Reiga is actually a very calculative and perceptive individual. He discovers the truth behind the conspiracy on his own, realizing that Indrah is the actual culprit and Shurato is innocent. Reiga strongly respects the like-minded Kuuya, who are both very intelligent and masters of manipulating Sohma. The two are then pitted against each other while trying to open the Heiseimon Gate, but Reiga refuses to fight, instead trying to persuade Kuuya back onto his side. After an exhausting battle, Kuuya dies in Reiga's arms, and a resolute Reiga vows to fight in honor of his friend. His Shakti and armor are modeled after the phoenix, and his weapon are a pair of large rings. He knows the most techniques of any of the Hachibushu, and most of them revolve around feathers or the fire aspect of his totem animal. As he is not a very physical-minded warrior, he often uses his rings in his Sohma techniques rather than for combat.