Reiko Oota

大田 レーコ

The Fifth Neck (五�首, Go no kubi), she is an antisocial mangaka of few words. Reiko continues her "day job" as a member of the Orochi and has in fact done better on the market since joining, though her manga have taken on very dark themes since then. She barely interacts with the other Orochi and is stone-cold in battle, though her level-headedness is more the product of cynicism and numbness than Miyako's. Some sources have suggested that Reiko had to abandon her own artistic vision and aspirations to commercialism in order to achieve the status of mangaka. If this is correct, the experience left her embittered and emotionally stunted, as she's been forced to continue a series she personally loathes wholesale to maintain her success. She shares her last name with Hitoshi Ōta, one of Kannazuki no Miko's authors. Interestingly, Himeko adores Reiko's work and is apparently an avid reader of hers. (from wikipedia)