Reim Lunettes


Also Known As:

  • Liam

Birthday: July 9 Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 186 cm (6'1") Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Blood Type: O Reim is a member of Pandora. Being a very nervous guy, he is constantly being mocked by Break and endures much teasing from him. To Reim's frustration, he grudgingly completes much of Break's work, making him ongoingly busy whenever Oz runs into him. Though he complains about this a lot, he is shown to be quite caring and perceptive, especially about Break and Sharon. Being a member of the Barma household, he is often seen as Rufus Barma's personal attendant. He has spent the majority of his life with the Barma household, often tending to Rufus's menial tasks. At the young age of 11, he was sent by Rufus to deliver a love note to Sheryl Rainsworth (Rufus's first love and Sharon's grandmother) and was ordered not to return until she gave him a reply. As a result, he spent three years with the Rainsworth family, becoming something of a brother to Sharon and an object of teasing to Break. Reim accidentally discovers Oz's return from the Abyss. Since then, he's become increasingly involved in the events surrounding Oz and becomes a close confidante to him and Break. Reim's chain is one called March Hare. After he tries to kill Lily, she retaliates, and almost kills Reim, but he is saved by the March Hare's ability to play dead. This surprises everyone, as they all thought he was actually dead. Reim told them that Duke Barma told him to never reveal March Hare's ability to anyone, and only use it if he was actually going to die. He also never knows when he will wake up from the "dead" state.