Remi Barberin


Also Known As:

  • Remy

Remi is a cheerful and energetic young girl. She had a happy childhood with her foster mother, Anne ("Mother Barberin") and Nana in Chavanon Village until she became ten years old, when her foster father, Jerome ("Father Barberin") returned and revealed that she was a foundling and sold her to Pollinel, an evil slave trader. Remi was saved by the traveling Italian street entertainer Vitalis, who treated her as his own daughter. A talented singer, Remi became a member of the Vitalis troupe and performed in various places in France. She also learned to play the accordion while in the troupe. After Vitalis died of tuberculosis, Remi, accompanied by Capi (one of Mr. Vitalis' dogs) and Joli-Coeur (Mr. Vitalis' monkey), went to Paris. While in Paris, Remi met new friends and experienced slavery under Gaspard, a cruel, greedy man who forced homeless children to work so that he could get a lot of money. In the last episode of the anime series, Remi found her true mother, Mrs. Milligan, the wealthy English lady who first met her in Toulouse.