Ren Maaka

真紅 煉

Age: 21 Birthday: November 1 Ren Maaka is the oldest of the Maaka children, has no qualms about sucking blood, and believes vampires to be superior to humans. However, he prefers female victims, seducing female victims and often spending days in their company before he's done with them, and refuses to suck on male blood. Ren sees the act of biting as a metaphor for sexual intercourse, and often commits both acts simultaneously. Ren often appears annoyed at Karin for her seeming lack of vampiric abilities and her friendliness towards humans. While he will listen to his father Henry, Anju is often the one who will calm him when he's annoyed or subtly prod him into acting in certain ways. He greatly fears Elda, whose overly affectionate manner when he was a child causes him to flee at the mere sight or mention of her.