Rena Sendou

仙洞 レナ

Rena was first seen in the Divine Design arc as one of Lucifer's chosen children. As Ramiel, her power was to trap human souls in dolls. She was defeated by Himiko and subsequently became Natsumi's colleague at the Honky Tonk. Previously depressed due to the loss of her father and her sexual abuses under her teacher, Rena perks up under the advice of Paul and tries to be a good helper at the cafe, though her coffee-making skills, among others, still leave much to be desired. However, since Paul's departure for Infinity Fortress, both she and Natsumi had proved themselves to be capable of handling the sudden surge in business at the cafe. Like Natsumi, all references to Rena were removed in the drama CDs, except for her involvement during the Divine Design arc (she was referred to as "Ramiel" here).