Renji Abarai

阿散井 恋次

Also Known As:

  • Ren-chan
  • Freeloader-san
  • Aka Pine

Birthday: August 31 Zodiac: Virgo Gender: Male Race: Shinigami Height: 187.96 cm Weight: 78.17 kg Title: Lieutenant of 6th Division Zanpakuto: Zabimaru Bankai: Hihio Zabimaru Shikai Command: Roar! Zabimaru! Education: Shinou Academy Marital status: single Favorite sport: futsal Renji is one of the most unusual Bleach character, having long crimson hair which is usually kept in high ponytail, and whole upper body tattooed in tribal work. He dresses in normal Shinigami kimono, but he usually wears some kind of headband (it's shown to be rather very expensive glasses or white headband). In terms of personality, Renji is same as any other Shinigami. His personality varies from cocky and eccentric, to being depressed after he's defeated, all the way to being clueless and funny. Although he's carefree and happy character in most of the series, he can be quite serious, especially when it's the matter of life and death situations for either him or people he hold precious. He is shown to have rather complicated relationship with his captain, Kuchiki Byakuya. Renji sees Byakuya as the goal he has to surpass. First time, when Renji was still in the Academy, he encountered Byakuya and felt something chilling about him. In the meantime, Renji became Byakuya's lieutenant, and throughout the series, Renji starts to see Byakuya not only as rival, but also as man he can look up to.