Renji Yanagi

柳 蓮二

Also Known As:

  • The Master
  • The Professor

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Middle School: Year 3, Class F, Number 19 Birthday (Sign): July 4th (Gemini) Blood type: A Techniques: Data Tennis, Kamaitachi, Utsusemi Height: 181cm Weight: 67kg Committee: Student council secretary Worst Subject: None Often visited place in school: Library Elementary School: Midorigawa Dai-ichi Elementary School > Kanagawa Dai-ni Elementary School Uses allowance on: Books Favorite Motto: "One thousand days' training to forge, ten thousand days' training to temper." Favorite types of movies: Ozu Yasujirou films Favorite type of books: Pure literature (especially Natsume Souseki's work) Favorite type of music: Old Japanese court music Favorite date spot: Literature house Most wanted thing right now: Japanese literature outline Daily Routine: Look over the morning and evening newspaper Doesn't like/bad at doing: People who waste money and time Special skill aside from tennis: Mental math, haiku, Go, Japanese chess, tea ceremony Yanagi Renji is the data man and also a part of what Kirihara calls as "The Three Demons" (alongside Yukimura and Sanada) of Rikkai dai. Unlike his childhood friend and rival, Inui, Yanagi keeps all his data on his head. Yanagi is also known for his very strategic plans when playing tennis, and uses early military tactics and apply them on his games.