Richard Braun

Birthday: 25 January 1951 A private investigator hired by Hans Georg Schubert to investigate the supposed suicide of Edmund Farren. His alcoholism after shooting a criminal resulted in his wife and daughter leaving him. Since then, he was trying everything to piece his life back together and reconcile with his family. When it came to encountering Johan Liebert after finding his tombstone, Johan lured him to the roof of a building about his role of killing a criminal in his last case. Johan manipulates Richard into a state of deep regret after which he offers Richard a bottle of whiskey. It's unknown if he took the bottle or not. Richard is later found dead after falling from the building, presumably an accident. However it is hinted that Johan may have murdered him and made it appear as if he had fallen. One clue to support that Johan murdered him is that he offered and left a broken bottle of whiskey when Dr. Reichwein knew very well that Richard only drank scotch. Both his wife and daughter are seen at his funeral mourning him.