Leo's younger brother. He carries a locket of his mother with him, even though it was broken and would not open. He was captured briefly by mercenaries in Central, but was rescued by Scar, Alphonse, and Edward. Rick was nearly killed during the rescue attempt, only the locket of his mother saved him. The force placed on the locket caused it to open, revealing a picture of Rick, Leo, and their mother; additionally, several small pills for the treatment of blindness were discovered inside it. Toward the end of the anime series Edward receives permission from the military to have Rick and his older brother Leo released and transferred to Resembool; however both Rick and Leo turn down the offer. In the manga, Rick and the old man pull Scar out of the sewer in East City after Scar's first encounter with the Homunculi. They tend to his wounds until the mercenaries try to arrest Scar, then Scar leaves the slum and they are not seen again. It is implied that the fair-skinned and fair-haired manga version of this boy is half-Ishvalan (as he reassures an injured Scar that he's safe because "Mom and I are Ishvalan too!") Rick wasn't named in the manga.