Rie Fujinami

藤浪 里枝

As luck would have it, the gifted doctor Blackjack passes by in S-City, where he met a group of girls playing on the ice and enjoying their youth. As Rie breaks the ice and is injured by flying shards of ice, they're very lucky that Black Jack is close to her, who treats her immediately. Thanks to him, who attached prime stitching on her forehead, she can be entirely relieved, despite the strongly visible (temporary) scar, because she is reassured by him that it will fade in one year's time. For her, Black Jack is a valuable and dependable person, who's skill she acknowledges and entirely trusts without a doubt. Their meeting should have been once in a lifetime, as Black Jack hadn't intended to visit S-City again, but just as he climbs into a taxi, they meet again, entirely through sheer coincidence. Visibly shocked because of her previously happy friends being gone, she is the last remaining "healthy", respectively alive member of her group of friends. Two of her girlfriends died tragically and the other is in a coma with no sign of awakening. That she clings to a doctor whom she regards highly stands to reason in such a situation. Based on her appearance, it isn't absolutely concludable that she is mourning, as she puts on a strong face, but anyone who spends a little time with her notices that she only makes it through her suffering with drugs. (Source: de.AniSearch.com)