Riesbyfe Stridberg

リーズ バイフェ

Shield Knight. An official vampire hunter from the Church. She uses a pile bunker shaped like a string instrument a.k.a. Spear Key, Gun Shield. She gets mentioned in Melty Blood as Sion's friend who died protecting her from Wallachia, but her name wasn't revealed until the Tsukibako version of PLUS-DISC. She was supposedly the main heroine of Melty Blood and would have appeared as Ciel's rival character, but since TM came up with Sion, she was never used. You can see her by using Vampire Sion's Last Arc special move in Melty Blood Re-ACT. The reason Sion can make her appear is because she is awakening to her power as Tatari. In one point of the story, she uses a shard of her weapon as a bullet of her gun to kill Wallachia. She appears in the Melty Blood manga when Sion has a flashback of the time Ries saved her from Wallachia.