Rihoko Sakurai


Also Known As:

  • Riho

Age: 16-17 Class: 2-B Club: Tea Club Height: 164 cm Weight: 57 kg Birthday: April 12 Blood type: A She is Junichi's childhood friend who, despite having a big appetite, avidly reads the dieting books in their school library. She is a member of the Tea-Making Society. Riihoko's arc is the 5th in the Anime. Her ending in the game. Best End: Tachibana spends Christmas with her. He tells her that he always took their relationship for granted but now, it's different. They share a deep, passionate kiss. Many years later in college, Tachibana buys her a cream pastry (her favorite food). Inside it, there's a ring (part of her story, a made up myth about proposing with food and being happy forever). She accepts. They've always been together and always will be. Good End: Tachibana spends the school Christmas festival with Rihoko. He hugs and realizes how much she means to him. The next year, he joins the tea club but it's closed due to lack of members. Despite all this, she's with Tachibana and that's all that matters. Normal End: She wakes Tachibana up while in bed by jumping in his bed and going underneath the blanket. The silly stuff reminds her of their childhood and the time they spent together. That will not change. Bad End: Tachibana begs forgiveness from Rihoko for standing her up on the Christmas date. Rihoko is sick with a cold, but tells him she was never angry at Tachibana and never can be. They repeatedly kiss (Rihoko tells him he might catch the cold). A little while later, Tachibana begs Rihoko to punish him. She makes him eat an all you can eat ice cream parfait. He faints and Rihoko smiles. They'll be best friends forever. In Rihoko's Bad End, before going to the restaurant, Tachibana asks for Rihoko's forgiveness since he ditches her on Christmas and she gets sick waiting for him. Tachibana meets her while she's sick with a cold and kisses her over and over. She tells him she was never angry at him to begin with and that he'll get sick if he keeps kissing her. --Ignored Epilogue are epilogue if you ignore her. She becomes a TV idol. Tachibana is hurt because he's her childhood friend yet she never tells you about it. (It was implied in episode 19 in the anime where she hums her ending song.) (Source: http://pastebin.com/T97YkmaQ)