Rikako Ouryou

王陵 璃華子

She was introduced in episode 6 as an elegant, highly intelligent, and admired student of Oso Girl's Academy, and the head of the school's art club. Behind her facade, however, is a psychopath, whose obsession in killing her fellow students and using their bodies to construct grotesque works of art was influenced by her father's artworks. The art is then displayed in the city at points of high exposure underneath Holographic Illuminations. Before she could be captured by the Bureau, she is killed by an associate of Makishima who then turned her bones into a set of smoking pipes. Makishima was the man who gave her the tools required to enable her to perform her murders. Her father was in a hospital in a catatonic state, caused by an excess of stress management eventually halting his body's response to any stimuli.