Hakugen Rikuson

陸遜 伯言

Three Kingdoms counterpart: Lu Xun A cute, bespectacled junior at Nanyo Academy who is skilled in making poisons. She has recently joined the Nanyo gang with the intention of helping them beat Sousou. According to Lu Xun's history (both in the manga and from other sources), Lu Xun is sometimes credited with the defeat of Guan Yu, not Lu Meng. The manga states that Rikuson defeated Kanu and Ryubi per Ryomou's orders, but history books variably give full credit to either Lu Meng or Lu Xun for coming up with the plan that led to the defeat of Guan Yu's forces (although in any case both are very important to this victory). History also states that Rikuson was Ryomou's protegé and eventual successor. Rikuson refers to Ryomou as her big sister in the English translation, although it is not confirmed if they are related. She is currently trying to help the Nanyo/Seito alliance during the Sekiheki battle, but also is slightly panicked due to the forces being separated and not in communication. In Dragon Destiny, although she is still a student in Nanyo, Hakugen is only seen with Ukitsu and Chokou in the anime, where it is revealed she was also trained by the latter. She was also the person who found Hakufu unconscious in a river after her battle with Sousou. She visits Ukitsu's grave with Chokou at the end of the series, and now helps Chokou train young fighters.