An orphan girl who discovers Sesshomaru in the woods after he is recuperating from a battle with InuYasha. Mute after the trauma of seeing her family killed by bandits, she lived on the dubious charity of a small village, mostly fending for herself. Although Sesshoumaru snubs her efforts to care for him, she continues to bring him food and water, and is disproportionately happy when he inquires idly about the injuries she received at the hands of the villagers, a reaction he does not understand. As Sesshoumaru prepares to leave the area, he smells Rin's blood and follows the scent to discover that she has been killed by wolves; moved by a combination of curiosity about the sword's abilities and pity for the girl, he revived her with Tenseiga. She now follows him with fanatical loyalty (to Jaken's great consternation) and has regained her ability to speak. Sesshomaru comes to her aid when she's in danger. "Rin" means "cold."