Rin Asogi


Race: Immortal, Guardian The protagonist of the series. Her appearance is that of someone in her late twenties, but her real age is unknown. In episode six, she says she has been looking for Tajimamori for a thousand years, making her at least a millenia old. She usually wears a black suit and glasses. Her whimsical personality serves as a front for a cunning, ruthless mind and extraordinary martial art skills. She always keeps a number of throwing blades and a garrote wire concealed on her body. At some point in the past, a "Fruit of Time" entered Rin's body, effectively making her immortal, unable to age, and capable of surviving and regenerating from a phenomenal amount of bodily damage. In episode four, she was sucked inside a running jet engine and regenerated her entire body over 25 years, albeit at the cost of all her memories (they return when she is briefly killed by Laura). In episode five, Eipos removes Rin's time spore, seemingly killing her just like Sayara and Maeno before, but it is revealed in episode six that the deaths of immortals would not be permanent so long as their time spores are not consumed. Her time spore is later brought to Eipos' castle, near the root of Yggdrasil, and this proximity to Yggdrasil speeds up her revival (which normally would have taken many decades). She and Mimi run the detective business Asougi Consulting together in West Shinjuku. However, it is only until their office is demolished in episode four.