Rin Suzuki

鈴木 凛

In the anime, Rin Suzuki is a second-year student at Shugyoku High School. She is Tamaki Kawazoe's friend and rival. By using the ascension stance, she became the first person to beat Tamaki. In their rematch, she was happy to see that Tamaki had gotten stronger because it makes Rin more determined to win. She lost. Like Tamaki, she is a fan of the Blade Braver anime, but unlike Tamaki, she’s primarily a fan of one of the shows antagonists, Shinaider. She travelled with the Ozawa Swords and Company Association as they choreographed and filmed fight scenes for the Cosmo 13/Blade Bravers movie. When stuntman Fujimura got hurt on set, she stepped in his role as Shinai-Girl, making Tamaki take her place as the High School Girl. She has not appeared in the manga, but Touryou Academy's Kendo Club's coach, Teramoto, mentions "Suzuki from Kanto" as a someone who could be selected as one of the "Nine Kendo Beauties," someone who could be a rival for Ura Sakaki.