Rinne Ibara

荊 りんね

Rinne is a mysterious, amnesic 15-year-old girl. Her style is star and her main color is rainbow. Rinne likes to drink hot milk and smiles happily whenever she does. She can do 4 consecutive Prism Jumps when the others couldn't. It is later revealed that she is a messenger from the Prism World, but has gotten in an accident and has somehow ended up in their world, she has lost most of her memories, but later regains some of them through character interactions and life lessons taught through the show. Rinne went to the same school as Naru, starting in Episode 23. Her Prism Live Instrument is the guitar like Naru, except she has a star at the end of her handle and its color is white. Rinne's first Prism live was in Episode 4 with Naru, but she did her Prism Live by herself in Episode 9. She already had her wings in the beginning of the story, but they evolve in Episode 39. Rinne's My Song is called "Gift" and was first heard in Episode 9. She successfully performs five consecutive Prism Jumps in Episode 39. She formed a unit with Juné in Episode 39 in order to be able to participate in the duo-only competition, Winter White Session. Their unit song is called "Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend" and was first heard in Episode 43. She successfully performs 6 consecutive Prism Jumps in Episode 43 along with Juné. In Episode 50,she gains her Grand Rainbow Crown and returns to the Prism World. Rinne loses her memories of Naru and the others once she returns as the Prism World's rules dictate, but uses the phrase "Happy Naru!", explaining to Starn that she heard the phrase from a world she once spread the Prism's Sparkle to. (Source: Wikipedia, edited)