Rioroute Vilgyna


Age: 18 Blood Type: EO Height: 168 cm Weight: 57 kg Ingrid: Agui Keameia Repairer: Philphleora Deed Rio is what's called a cheerful idiot, even though he has a rather arrogant personality. But he's easily the most gentle pilot and most easily moved to tears. Quite the flirt, he is always competing with Gar. He seems like a player, but he secretly only likes his mechanic, Philphleora. Rio recognizes Teela as the leader. He tends to say, "--ssu." A contraction of "desu" which indicates he's not showing as much respect as he should. Rio's body is fit and toned. He's the fourth in a big family. His little brother, who is also blood type EO, is expected to soon enter G.O.A. Source: Wikipedia