Ririka Moriya


Ririka is a cheerful, outgoing girl who wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She is a 4th grade student at the White Dove Academy (白鳩学園). Ririka lives in a household of five that consists of her parents, grandmother, and her little brother. In the course of the series a dog, Herb, joins the family. She loves Kanou-senpai. Ririka is oblivious of Seiya's feelings of love towards her, thinking of him as just a friend. Ririka uses the magical phrase " Holy Power, Holy Prayer, be here!" to transform into Nurse Angel. When transformed Ririka's hair is longer, and she has a more serious demeanor. Nurse Angel's primary weapon is a baton, and she can perform a wide variety of energy attacks. Her source of power for these attacks is a powerful healing agent called Green Vaccine, which is made from the Flower of Life. In the anime, she has a limited supply of the Green Vaccine, and once it is gone there is very little she can do as Nurse Angel. Source: Based on Wikipedia character description