Risa Aoyanagi

青柳 璃彩

An inspector in Division 2. She is a firm believer in the Sibyl System's judgment. During the Helmet Riots, an enforcer of Division 2 named Ryogo Kozuki fled from the MWPSB. He is later captured by Risa and she reluctantly kills him with her Dominator set to Lethal Eliminator. She is accidentally killed by enforcer Teppei Sugou before she can eliminate one of Kirito Kamui's associates. Teppei, who at the time was testing a new weapon called the "Assault Dominator", was aiming at Risa and Kamui's associate from behind a door. Her Psycho-Pass was higher than Kamui's associte, which led to Sugou shooting her and killing her without knowing he did so until the door was opened. Ginoza is most affected by her death.