Rivalz Cardemonde


Age: 17 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Blood Type: AB Birthday: July 20th Rivalz Cardemonde is one of Lelouch's friends, usually driving Lelouch around on his motorbike as an ante for their bets on chess games. He has a part-time job as a bartender/waiter and carries an unrequited love for Milly Ashford especially when it is announced that she is going through a marriage interview. Shown in-series and in the DVD-exclusive bonus material, Rivalz forms a fast friendship with Suzaku after he joins the student council at Lelouch's request. Rivalz's real surname is not Cardemonde, which is his mother's maiden name that he uses after his parents became estranged. He was born and partially raised in California. Rivalz is last seen in Ohgi and Villetta's wedding picture. (Source: Wikipedia)