Robin Hendrix


Also Known As:

  • His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince

Robin Hendrix is an actor from the third story which is called "Despair". Robin was 28 and he was very handsome. 10 years ago he managed to take part in a film "Space Wars" where he was the main character (an unfortunate Prince who sacrificed his life to save his mother planet). After starring in that film Robin wasn't lucky enough to find roles that would further expand his career. He was into reptiles and he bought around 20 species in Count D's pet shop. Robin's wife was really sick of those pets so she decided to leave her husband. Count D sold Robin a special albino lizard which resembled Medusa from the Greek mythology. Robin fell in love with her and tried to do everything to take care of her. When understood that he was hopeless and couldn't get any job, he decided to commit suicide and looked into Medusa's eyes which was forbidden by the terms of Count's contract. After Robin's death Medusa also decided to commit suicide because she had fallen in love with Robin as well. She looked at herself through the pocket mirror and passed away right after that.