Also Known As:

  • Invitation of Cheerful Playing

Rofocale is a Crimson Denizen who calls himself a "musician". He is a follower and servant of the Crimson Goddess of Guidance, Shaher. He wanders around the land, to look for an event important enough to make the whole world learn about it; when it happens, he summons his goddess, who gives her guidance. This, however, is at the cost of Rofocale's life. He talks by using poems, while playing his lute. Rofocale is affiliated with Bal Masqué for unknown reasons. However, he has little to no influence with the state of affairs in the organization but has privilege to wander around Seireiden or leave the fortress without restriction. After refusing to announce the plan of Shana, he gets a revelation of the new-born child of Johann and Pheles, Justus, who is the first descendant born from a Crimson Denizen and a human. He considers it to be an event important enough to will change the fate of both Crimson and human worlds, and thus, sacrifices his life by summoning Shaher, who lets everyone learn about the event. (Source: Shakugan Wikia)